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88% Progress:
During the current school year, about how often have you done the following?
 Very oftenOftenSometimesNever
Studied when there were other interesting things to do
Found additional information for course assignments when you didn’t understand the material
Participated in course discussions, even when you didn’t feel like it
Asked instructors for help when you struggled with course assignments
Finished something you had started when you encountered challenges
Stayed positive, even when you did poorly on a test or assignment
During the current school year, how difficult have the following been for you?
 Not at all
Learning course material
Managing your time
Getting help with school work
Interacting with faculty
During the current school year, about how often have you sought help with coursework from the following sources?
 Very oftenOftenSometimesNever
Faculty members
Academic advisors
Learning support services (tutoring, writing center, success coaching, etc.)
Friends or other students
Family members
Other persons or offices
During the current school year, have you seriously considered leaving this institution?
Why did you consider leaving? (Select all that apply.)

How important is it to you that you graduate from this institution?

  • Not important
          Very important
Do you expect to graduate this spring or summer?
After graduation, what best describes your immediate plans?
Do you already have a job for after graduation?
To what extent have courses in your major(s) prepared you for your post-graduation plans?
Do you intend to work eventually in a field related to your major(s)?
Do you plan to be self-employed, an independent contractor, or a freelance worker someday?
Do you plan to start your own business (nonprofit or for-profit) someday?
How much confidence do you have in your ability to complete tasks requiring the following skills and abilities?
 Very muchQuite a bitSomeVery little
Critical thinking and analysis of arguments and information
Creative thinking and problem solving
Research skills
Clear writing
Persuasive speaking
Technological skills
Financial and business management skills
Entrepreneurial skills
Leadership skills
Networking and relationship building
To what extent has your coursework in your major(s) emphasized the following?
 Very muchQuite a bitSomeVery little
Generating new ideas or brainstorming
Taking risks in your coursework without fear of penalty
Evaluating multiple approaches to a problem
Inventing new methods to arrive at unconventional solutions