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88% Progress:
During the current school year, how much has your coursework emphasized the following?
 Very muchQuite a bitSomeVery little
Developing the skills necessary to work effectively with people from various backgrounds
Recognizing your own cultural norms and biases
Sharing your own perspectives and experiences
Exploring your own background through projects, assignments, or programs
Learning about other cultures
Discussing issues of equity or privilege
Respecting the expression of diverse ideas
How much does your institution emphasize the following?
 Very muchQuite a bitSomeVery little
Demonstrating a commitment to diversity
Providing students with the resources needed for success in a multicultural world
Creating an overall sense of community among students
Ensuring that you are not stigmatized because of your identity (racial/ethnic, gender, religious, sexual orientation, etc.)
Providing information about anti-discrimination and harassment policies
Taking allegations of discrimination or harassment seriously
Helping students develop the skills to confront discrimination and harassment
How much does your institution provide a supportive environment for the following forms of diversity?
 Very muchQuite a bitSomeVery little
Racial/ethnic identity
Gender identity
Economic background
Political affiliation
Religious affiliation
Sexual orientation
Disability status
During the current school year, about how often have you done the following?
 Very oftenOftenSometimesNever
Attended events, activities, or presentations that reflect an appreciation for diverse groups of people
Participated in the activities of centers related to specific groups (racial-ethnic, cultural, religious, gender, LGBT, etc.)
Participated in a diversity-related club or organization
Participated in a demonstration for a diversity-related cause (rally, protest, etc.)
Reflected on your cultural identity