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88% Progress:
During the current school year, about how often have you done the following?
 Very oftenOftenSometimesNever
Completed an assignment that used an information source (book, article, website, etc.) other than required course readings
Worked on a paper or project that had multiple smaller assignments such as an outline, annotated bibliography, rough draft, etc.
Received feedback from an instructor that improved your use of information resources (source selection, proper citation, etc.)
Completed an assignment that used the library’s electronic collection of articles, books, and journals (JSTOR, EBSCO, LexisNexis, ProQuest, etc.)
Decided not to use an information source in a course assignment due to its questionable quality
Changed the focus of a paper or project based on information you found while researching the topic
Looked for a reference that was cited in something you read
Identified how a book, article, or creative work has contributed to a field of study
Considered the credibility of an information source
Verified an information source by comparing it to other sources
Identified information that was biased, misleading, or deceptive
Used information you found on social media in a paper or project
Combined information found on social media with other sources
During the current school year, how much have your instructors emphasized the following?
 Very muchQuite a bitSomeVery little
Not plagiarizing another author’s work
Appropriately citing the sources used in a paper or project
Using scholarly or peer-reviewed sources in your course assignments
Questioning the quality of information sources
Using practices (terminology, methods, writing style, etc.) of a specific major or field of study
How much has your experience at this institution contributed to your knowledge, skills, and personal development in the following areas?
 Very muchQuite a bitSomeVery little
Using information effectively
Recognizing biased, misleading, or deceptive information
Evaluating the credibility of your information sources